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Job description

We are looking for a creative strategist with a strong digital mindset!

Hi there,

We are looking for an experienced creative strategist to join our team of creative minds, tech-savvy craftsmen, dreamers, doers, and digital business consultants at our fast-growing office in Montréal.

So… what is a creative strategist? We’re glad you asked!
In a world of buzzwords, it can be almost impossible to decipher a job title and figure out what the person actually does. I mean, what do you even tell your mom when she asks? 

A good way to prevent that is what we call the family-party-dinner-test. So, here is the job description of a creative strategist put through the family-party-dinner-test-filter:

Well. As the name indicates, it is a basically two skills put into one job.

The strategist part is all about the ability to immerse yourself in any business, brand, or industry.
Sometimes you’ll talk to the CEO or other employees, at other times you’ll interview customers… or if the deadline is yesterday, you’ll simply have to settle for Google.

Your job is then to extract the most important insights (from what is often a complex situation) and translate them into a simple, understandable overview – making it easier to talk about and possible to base decisions on.

The creative part is taking these insights and morphing them into creative campaign concepts, novel ideas, or innovative products that will fuel the future growth and success of the business. The way you explain these ideas or completely up to you – as long as you are able to get your point across.

And no. You don’t need to know Figma, Photoshop, or how to make a movie. Often your own words and a couple of images from Unsplash on a slide is sufficient. Oh… and among others, you’ll be working closely with designers, developers, and moviemakers who know how to do the rest.


What we expect from you

  • You are a visionary and possess a genuine passion for the digital world - and the shaping of digital products, brands, and innovative business models.
  • You know how to read a room as well as a company and its values.
  • You are a proper pencil-chewer (a damn good writer).
  • You can formulate and structure a brand or innovation playbook on your own – including inspiring examples of activations.
  • You know how to oscillate between big dreams for the future (branding) and a growth mindset driven by data.
  • You are among the best in your field, compared to your level of experience.
  • You thrive in an environment of constant change - as we constantly shape new ways of working together
  • You have a real desire to build a new group of work-friends with strong social bonds and participate actively in our community.
  • You have a minimum of 2 years of agency (or other relevant) experience.
  • You have fluency in written and spoken English - French is a plus!

Please expect from us

The most important thing that we offer is an inspiring and ambitious work environment, with an emphasis on learning and developing, both personally and as a team. We have an informal organization with minimal hierarchy, where there is plenty of room for being ambitious within your own area of expertise, as well as taking part in shaping our team, culture, and product offering.

But, of course, we can also tempt you with:

  • Yearly one-week team trip with both social and professional focuses (paid) - last year was 1 week in Spain and 1 week in Denmark.
  • Coffee, tea, soft drinks, snacks, etc. day and night
  • Beautiful office space, centrally located in Montréal 
  • Voluntary sports activities (some are shut down until after Covid...)
  • Inspiration-trips to events, meet-ups, and conferences
  • Career progress based on merits rather than seniority

And if you think something is missing, just let us know. We can probably work together to add it. After all, we are trying to create the best possible place to work!

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At Signifly we work in collaboration with a broad range of clients from all industries, to create new and innovative digital products and business models. We are a team of developers, designers, filmmakers, and digital strategists, and we believe that creativity, entrepreneurship and a diverse mix of top-notch skills can drive the innovation and change that will help shape a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

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